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Wedding Planning Help

Wedding Spend is about planning the best wedding for YOU specifically. Every couple is different and has their own preferences so at any given moment, I want to dedicate personalized time and work closely with a small group of couples rather than a large list of clients. I can help plan your dream wedding from start to finish or simply provide assistance in certain areas where you need the most help. Examples include picking the right vendors, planning and organizing a guest list, or booking premium award flights and hotels for your honeymoon.

Some wedding consultants charge a percentage of your wedding budget, but that may NOT be in the best interest of a couple since they may be pushed towards expensive vendors to boost the consultant fee. Other wedding consultants may also receive kickbacks or a commission from vendors for providing them business. Wedding Spend will only charge a flat rate for wedding planning services so you can be sure no hidden agenda exists. In addition, I will never take any kickbacks or a commission from vendors unless its being passed on 100% to you.

I will eventually have a form here for prospective couples but in the meantime, feel free to email me if you need help with the wedding planning process.

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