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Posted by on May 2, 2013 in Cash Back, Top Cash Back, Wedding Registry | 4 comments

Wedding Website and Domain Name Forwarding

Almost every couple getting married these days has their own wedding website. The website is chock full of information, such as a story of how the couple met, details of the wedding including nearby accommodations, and cute biographies of the bridesmaids and groomsmen. Often, the website also has a link to the couple’s registry (which you shouldn’t click on), pictures of the couple, and a guest book for visitors to sign and RSVP for the wedding. As you can see, a wedding website is definitely a useful tool and a great way to engage with your friends and family. So you may be surprised to hear that my fiancĂ©e and I did not put up a wedding website! Then again, we’re the type to skip out on a wedding cake, because it’s not that important to us, and we were I was too lazy to decide on a cake :). In any case, the bottom line is a wedding website can be an important part of the wedding, especially...

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Posted by on Apr 11, 2013 in Amazon, Cash Back, Gift Cards, Macy's, Wedding Registry | 0 comments

Other Wedding Registry Links

In my previous post about shopping for wedding registry gifts, I advised you to never click on a couple’s registry link. Instead, I recommended you to go through a cash back portal and buy discounted gift cards. The savings will rapidly add up. In that post, however, I used Macy’s as an example, and a few of you asked me where the wedding registry link was located on other retailers’ websites. Here are five other popular wedding registry retailers, and a picture of how you can navigate to a wedding registry from their homepage once you have gone through a cash back portal.   Wedding Registry Retailers Amazon: First go to Amazon. You will have to sign in then go to “Your Account” before scrolling down to the bottom to “Personalization.”   Bed Bath & Beyond: Simply go to Bed Bath & Beyond. The link will be in the middle tab on the top. Bloomingdale’s: Simply go to Bloomingdale’s. The link will be in the top right labelled “The...

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Posted by on Mar 27, 2013 in Cash Back, Ebates, Gift Cards, Macy's, Wedding Registry | 0 comments

Don’t Buy Wedding Registry Gifts from a Couple’s Link!

A lot of the information on this blog is aimed to help couples who are planning for their wedding but hopefully, this post will help those who are frequent wedding guests. While planning for a wedding can be expensive and hectic, sometimes we forget that going to weddings is not exactly cheap either. You have travel costs, clothing costs, and of course wedding registry gifts costs. The latter can really add up if you are going to a lot of weddings in a row. Some of my friends are doing just that this coming summer. For them, I have one piece of advice – don’t buy wedding registry gifts from a couple’s link! Couples often create a wedding website chock full of information, such as how they met, bridal party blurbs, and a wedding registry page. Sometimes, the couple will have one registry. Other times, they may have two or three registries. In all cases, the couple’s links will take you directly to their registry page at popular retailers,...

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