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Posted by on Dec 26, 2013 in Amazon, Wedding Registry | 0 comments

Are You Maximizing Your Savings When Shopping on Amazon?

Amazon is one of the most popular places for wedding couples to list their registry and for wedding guests to buy registry gifts. And if you took part in the recent Amex Sync Amazon deal where you were able to buy $75 Amazon gift cards for just $50, then you’re already saving a lot of money on your wedding registry purchases. But are you maximizing your savings when shopping on Amazon by looking at all the buying options for a particular product?   Shopping on Amazon Some shoppers may not be aware, but Amazon doesn’t just sell products from Amazon. Over the years, Amazon has allowed re-sellers to  list their products, and some even have Amazon storefronts. In a way, Amazon has become like Ebay minus the auctioning aspect. In fact, Amazon has easily overtaken Ebay as the world’s largest online retailer. What this means is that when you search for a particular product, many sellers with different prices will exist, but you will have one seller picked for...

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Posted by on Nov 28, 2013 in Amex Starwood, Cash Back, Credit Cards, Discover It, Gift Cards, ShopDiscover, Wedding Registry | 0 comments

How to Get 45% Off Shopping at Kmart or Sears

Happy Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving means Black Friday is just around the corner but to be honest, you can save just as much money shopping from the comfort of you home these days as camping in front of a store. For a limited time, you can get 45% off shopping at Kmart or Sears. Both stores have a large variety of items to choose from and are perfect choices for wedding registry shopping or holiday shopping.   Amex Sync Lands End The key to getting 45% off shopping at Kmart or Sears is the current Amex Sync Lands End deal (expires 12/31/13) where you will receive a $25 statement credit for spending $100 or more at Lands End. I’ve highlighted Amex Sync before and how easy it was to earn free money via the Amex Sync Best Buy deal by simply buying gift cards. In this case, you will buy a $100 Lands End gift card. In addition, you will first go through the ShopDiscover cash back portal to access the Lands...

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Posted by on Nov 6, 2013 in Amex Starwood, Amex Starwood Business, Credit Cards, Wedding Registry | 0 comments

Free Shipping From ShopRunner Forever

Previously, I wrote about ShopRunner and how you can get free two-day shipping from a variety of stores for a year. It’s great for purchasing wedding registry gifts, and one of my favorite ways to use ShopRunner is at, where you can combine ShopRunner with cash back portals for massive savings on everyday household goods. Well, now you can get free shipping from ShopRunner forever! All you need is an eligible American Express credit card, many which will give you a great signup bonus. Simply go to the ShopRunner homepage, and you’ll see a link at the top for American Express card members to enroll for a complimentary membership. Input your credit card information, and you’ll instantly have free ShopRunner for as long as you have that American Express credit card.     The Main Point I primarily use ShopRunner with but as you can see from their website, the free two-day shipping is good for a lot of other retailers as well. If you have an...

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Posted by on Oct 2, 2013 in Amazon, Citi Forward, Credit Cards, Wedding Registry | 0 comments

Proctor Silex 31111 Toaster Oven

I’ve never owned a toaster oven before so I wasn’t sure if we should buy one after we got married. As a result, I did a LOT of research on toaster ovens in the past couple of weeks taking into account price, size, and how useful each toaster oven would be. In the end, we decided on the Proctor Silex 31111 toaster oven and now that we have a toaster oven, I feel like it’s one of the greatest inventions ever!   Proctor Silex 31111 Toaster Oven The first step is deciding whether you need a toaster or a toaster oven. Given the versatility of a toaster oven and the fact that small toaster ovens are not much more expensive than toasters, I think a toaster oven is an easy choice assuming you have the counter space for it. Next, you’ll have to decide how big a toaster oven you want. If you want one that is very capable but does not hog up counter space, the Proctor Silex...

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Posted by on Sep 26, 2013 in Amazon, Citi Forward, Credit Cards, Wedding Registry | 0 comments

Bose Soundlink Mini

A Bluetooth wireless speaker is probably not what you imagine as a newlywed must-have. I think, however, that it is perfect for newlyweds and has many use. When watching movies on my computer or on the TV, I simply carry the speaker with me and place it right by where I’m sitting. By doing so, I don’t have to blast the sound from across the room and disturb my wife who is working at her desk nearby. Having a movable speaker also allows us to stream music from our computers in the living room to our bedroom. I’m weird and often like to sleep to noise, whether that is music or a sermon. Having said that, many Bluetooth wireless speakers exist, but the Bose Soundlink Mini is truly in a class of its own.   Bose Soundlink Mini I think many people consider Bose to be synonymous with high-end audio, and it’s easy to see why. The sound from the Bose Soundlink Mini is crystal clear; keep in mind...

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Posted by on Sep 16, 2013 in Amazon, Citi Forward, Credit Cards, Wedding Registry | 0 comments

Sauder Deco Panel TV Stand

The next item that I highly recommend for newlyweds is the Sauder deco panel TV stand. Even if you are planning to hang your TV on the wall, you will probably need a TV stand for discs, a DVD or Blu-ray player, and other electronics. Unfortunately, a TV stand is in my opinion a really hard item to shop for. Prices vary wildly from rock bottom to way overpriced but so does the quality. After reading many reviews and actually buying one myself, I think the Sauder deco panel TV stand offers tremendous value for a high-quality TV stand.   Sauder Deco Panel TV Stand Many cheap TV stands are made of particle boards, which could warp over time when a TV is placed on top, but the Sauder deco panel TV stand is constructed using a steel frame and three tempered glass shelves. The result is a very stylish look without sacrificing durability. At the same time, the design is well thought out with easy access from the...

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Posted by on Sep 6, 2013 in Amazon, Citi Forward, Credit Cards, Wedding Registry | 0 comments

Simplehuman Adjustable Tension Shower Caddy

Last time, I discussed the Seville Classics Laundry Sorter and how it was a great laundry hamper/sorter for newlyweds especially in New York City where the washer and dryer are probably not directly in your apartment. Today, I’m going to talk about another top-notch item that I highly recommend for your wedding registry or as a gift for a friend getting married; it’s the Simplehuman adjustable tension shower caddy.   Simplehuman Adjustable Tension Shower Caddy Showers and bathtubs are notorious for not having enough shelf space. If it’s just one person, the situation is manageable but with two people, it quickly gets out of hand. At the same time, it can be difficult installing brackets and shelves in the shower, because the walls are different so unless you own the place, drilling in the shower could result in fines by the landlord later on down the road. Enter the Simplehuman adjustable tension shower caddy. It’s made of aluminum and stainless steel so it doesn’t rust unlike many cheaper options out...

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Posted by on Sep 4, 2013 in Amazon, Citi Forward, Credit Cards, Wedding Registry | 0 comments

Seville Classics Laundry Sorter

After my wife and I moved, we found ourselves in need of a bunch of household items for the new apartment. Since we didn’t do a wedding registry, we were able to shop for these items on Amazon and other stores without the stress of wedding planning. Over the next few weeks, I’m going to highlight and analyze several top items that we recently bought and that I think are fantastic for newlyweds. So if you are building your own wedding registry or buying a gift for a friend getting married but have no idea where to start, read on.   Seville Classics Laundry Sorter If you are like me, you probably have one of those bulky laundry baskets from the early 2000s that you fill to the brink with clothes then wonder how you are going to carry it to the laundry room. And yes, it’s the same one from college. Now that there are two of us, I can’t just suck it up and quickly carry the...

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Posted by on May 21, 2013 in Blue Nile, Cash Back, Wedding Registry | 0 comments

Get Free Shipping From ShopRunner

If you have converted to using cash back portals and doing as much as your shopping online, you will no doubt encounter one of the biggest problems with online shopping – shipping fees. Shipping fees can account for a large part of the online purchase unless you meet the minimum spending requirement to get free shipping or you are part of a retailer’s free shipping program, such as Amazon Prime. Unrestricted free shipping really helps consumers take advantage of the convenience and lower prices from shopping online. That is why Amazon slightly devalued their Amazon Prime program by introducing add-ons, and why consumers were not happy.   Free Shipping From ShopRunner I recently saw on Dan’s Deals that anyone can get free shipping from ShopRunner for one year with an American Express credit card. If you are not familiar with ShopRunner, it is similar to Amazon Prime, but the shipping services are for a variety of stores (Amazon not one of them of course). Like Amazon Prime, you get...

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Posted by on May 6, 2013 in Cash Back, Top Cash Back, Wedding Registry | 0 comments

Hosting Your Own Wedding Website Using Hostgator

Last week, I talked about wedding websites along with domain name forwarding and masking. By using domain name forwarding and masking, you can create the website using an online wedding organizer, such as Wedding Wire or The Knot, but choose your own wedding website address, such as Some of you, however, may want to create your own wedding website from scratch. Maybe you don’t like the design and templates offered online. Or maybe you just want to showcase your HTML and CSS skills to your guests. Whatever the reason may be, you will need to host your own wedding website, and it’s actually not that hard.   Your Own Wedding Website To host your own wedding website, you will need two main components, a domain name, which you are familiar with by now, and server space. All the server does is hold your wedding website so when one of your guests go to, they download the website from the server you are using. You manage this server...

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