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Posted by on Jul 24, 2014 in Miscellaneous | 0 comments

Lower Time Warner Cable Bill Via Retention Department

After you get married, you’ll be faced with a lot of expensive utility bills, such as Internet access, cell phone, etc. Even if you just get Internet access and no cable TV from Time Warner Cable, for example, it can still cost you an arm and a leg. Fortunately, lowering your Time Warner Cable bill is very easy to do simply by calling their retention department and asking for a discount.   Lower Time Warner Cable Bill I’m using Time Warner Cable as an example, because that is the cable company we use, but calling the retention department to get your monthly bill lowered works for almost all cable companies and even non-cable utility companies. The fact is, many utility companies have an entire department dedicated to making sure they don’t lose customers, because acquiring a new customer is so much more costly than simply keeping an existing customer happy. For example, here are some current job postings for Time Warner Cable’s retention department: Retention/Sales Representatives Job, Promo Retention...

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Posted by on Jul 3, 2014 in Brooklyn, Moving Company | 0 comments

Moving Company Cost: College Educated Movers

Summer is peak moving season and when a couple of friends recently asked me about moving company prices, I realized I never shared the price information for College Educated Movers. As the name implies, it’s a moving company operated by guys who have college degrees! Whether college degrees make a difference or not, College Educated Movers receives great reviews on Yelp.   Moving Company: College Educated Movers Date Price Quoted: August 2013 Moving Date Quoted For: August 2013 (Friday afternoon) Number of Movers: 2 Guys Rate Type: Flat Rate Flat Rate Fee: $515 Restrictions: N/A Truck Or Van: Both Insurance: No Tax: 0% Gratuity: 15% (Not mandatory but basically required by social etiquette) Total Moving Company Cost: $592.25   The Main Point Like RVS Moving Service, College Educated Movers charges a flat rate, but the rate for College Educated Movers is lower coming in at just under $600 after gratuity. In addition, College Educated Movers offers both a truck or a van. In comparison to hourly rate moving companies, however, College Educated Movers isn’t that low-cost. They are more than...

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