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Posted by on Apr 25, 2014 in Macy's, Men's Wearhouse | 0 comments

Men’s Wearhouse Tuxedo Review and Missing Carolina

Firstly, sorry for the lack of updates lately as I’ve been away. For the past week, my wife and I were in Tokyo, one of my favorite cities, and Hiroshima where we spent a fantastic day in sleepy Miyajima. Prior to that, however, we first visited Charlotte for our friend’s wedding, which was beautiful and the second most memorable wedding I’ve attended after my own.

As best man, I delivered my best man speech and also suited up in a Men’s Wearhouse tuxedo for the first time. Previously, I wrote a negative review of Men’s Wearhouse, and a reader in the comments called me out for reviewing a product I never personally used. As a result, I thought I’d give a Men’s Wearhouse tuxedo review now that I’ve finally worn one.


Men's Wearhouse Calvin Klein tuxedo

Men’s Wearhouse Calvin Klein tuxedo


Men’s Wearhouse Tuxedo Review

After wearing a Men’s Wearhouse Calvin Klein tuxedo, I must say I was partially incorrect about the actual tuxedo and comfort quality but stand by my negative criticism of their price. As mentioned previously, the pants have elastic bands rather than belt loops and are sized to fit multiple waist sizes. As a result, the pants can be a bit baggy, but I found that to be more comfortable and yet, it didn’t look bad at all.


Men's Wearhouse shoes

Men’s Wearhouse shoes


The shirt is 100% polyester but since it was a nice spring evening, it felt perfectly fine. I did find the shirt cuffs a bit confusing since they are made to accommodate both cufflinks and regular buttons. I received a tie as a groomsman gift so I can’t comment too much about the clip-on ties from Men’s Wearhouse. Everything else, such as the jacket and shoes, were all fine as well. Included in the rental were black socks and a white pocket square, which you can keep and do not need to return.

All in all, I paid $154.96 for the rental, which is right in my original estimate range of low $100s to low $200s. In my opinion, that price is a ripoff, and you would be better off buying a tuxedo or suit from Macy’s along with shirts from Paul Federick.


The Main Point

After personally trying a Men’s Wearhouse tuxedo, I take back some negative criticisms of my original Men’s Wearhouse tuxedo analysis. Keep in mind, however, that the weather was very comfortable when I wore the rental tuxedo, and the Calvin Klein tuxedo I wore may not be the entry-level Men’s Wearhouse tuxedo rental. In addition, I still think the price is way too high.

Men’s Wearhouse tuxedo or not, however, I had a wonderful time catching up with old friends and meeting new ones. It was my first time visiting North Carolina and while I didn’t think anything extraordinary about the state when I was there, I do find myself missing it quite a bit now that I’m back home. Maybe it was the memorable wedding or taking a spontaneous trip to Carowinds with my wife and winning a stuffed frog at a carnival game, but I find myself listening to one of my favorite Ryan Adams song, Oh My Sweet Carolina.





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