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Posted by on Mar 19, 2014 in Manhattan, Venue | 0 comments

Wedding Venue Cost: Chelsea Piers Lighthouse

Wedding venues in Manhattan often feature views of a park or a great skyline, but Chelsea Piers Lighthouse offers a dramatic view of the Hudson River in an intimate setting all without leaving Manhattan. The Lighthouse is one of the most sought-after venues in New York City and is a joint venture between Chelsea Piers and the highly regarded Abigail Kirsch catering company. We attended a friend’s wedding at Chelsea Piers Lighthouse earlier this year and not surprisingly, it was fantastic. Out of curiosity, I followed up with one of the sales manager and received a price quote for 2014.


Chelsea Piers Lighthouse

Chelsea Piers Lighthouse


Wedding Venue: Chelsea Piers Lighthouse

Date Price Quoted: Winter 2013

Wedding Date Quoted For: December 2014 (Saturday evening)

Price Assumptions: Includes ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception for 150 guests

Room Name: N/A

Capacity: 275

Venue Fee: $1,900

Catering Per Person: $250

Tax: 8.875%

Gratuity: 23%

Total Wedding Venue Cost: $52,287


The Main Point

The minimum number of guests required for Saturday evenings at Chelsea Piers Lighthouse is 200, but I’ve made the assumption of 150 guests as I did with Fox Hollows for better comparison purposes. At $52,287, it’s one of the most expensive venues I’ve encountered so far! This total does not include an optional $600 parking administrative fee and $45 per car if you choose to offer parking for your guests. Of course, you can also save on the $1,900 venue fee if you forgo having a ceremony at Chelsea Piers Lighthouse. There is no venue fee for having just the banquet, and some may choose this route if they prefer a church ceremony for example.

Costs aside, however, Chelsea Piers Lighthouse really is a top-notch venue. Besides the usual open bar, cocktail hour, and dinner, they also boast one waiter for every 10 guests. In addition, coat check and restroom attendants are included as part of the package. You also receive a dedicated event manager assigned six to eight weeks before the wedding. This perk could help you cut costs if you were thinking of hiring a wedding planner. Last but not least, a wedding cake customized to your taste is also included.

Chelsea Piers Lighthouse is located in a premium part of New York City and offers an unparalleled view with excellent service. The high price reflects all of that and if Chelsea Piers Lighthouse is your dream venue but currently beyond your budget, consider a Friday or Sunday evening wedding instead. I’ll analyze the discounted price as well as some small nuances in a future post.




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