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Posted by on Feb 7, 2014 in Moving Company, Queens | 0 comments

Moving Company Cost: RVS Moving & Delivery Service

Many of the previous moving companies I’ve analyzed so far, such as Lightning Van Moving and Get There Moving, charge an hourly rate. That’s great for some people, my wife and I included, who don’t have a lot of stuff, because we moved right after getting married. For those that are moving after being married for a year or so, however, you’ll probably find that you have accumulated a lot of items in that first year or two. As a result, a flat rate moving company might be a better choice, and RVS Moving & Delivery Service only does flat rate moves.


Moving Company: RVS Moving & Delivery Service

Date Price Quoted: August 2013

Moving Date Quoted For: August 2013 (Friday afternoon)

Number of Movers: 2 Guys

Rate Type: Flat Rate

Flat Rate Fee: $700

Restrictions: N/A

Truck Or Van: Truck

Insurance: No

Tax: 0%

Gratuity: 15% (Not mandatory but basically required by social etiquette)

Total Moving Company Cost: $805.00


The Main Point

RVS Moving and Delivery Service receives great reviews all over the Internet, and I’m sure their service is stellar. What annoyed me, however, was their response time. I requested a quote but did not receive a response until one week later. It’s really hard to compare prices when you don’t get a quick (preferably real-time) response, and you know I’m a major supporter of price transparency. Having said that, when RVS Moving finally did respond, I followed up with a few questions, and those questions were always answered quickly.

In terms of price, they quoted me a flat rate of $700, which includes two movers, a 14 foot truck, and blankets/wrapping to pad furniture; they do not offer insurance. With gratuity, the final moving company cost for RVS Moving is $805.00. This price is higher than a lot of the hourly rate moving companies that I researched, but keep in mind that those quotes were for 3 or 4 hours. With a flat rate mover, such as RVS Moving, a 3 hour move would cost the same as a 6 hour move. As a result, I recommend RVS Moving & Delivery Service for those that anticipate a tedious move with lots of items or long traffic delays on the day of their move. Of course, your items will all need to fit inside that 14 foot truck!




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