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Posted by on Jan 29, 2014 in Credit Cards | 1 comment

$150 of Groceries for $70 Via Amex Sync FreshDirect

We recently signed up for FreshDirect, because an Amex Sync FreshDirect deal (expires 2/15/14) is offering a $30 statement credit for spending $100 or more at FreshDirect. As with many Amex Sync deals, buying gift cards worked so it was easy to get a $100 FreshDirect gift card online for $70. In addition, new FreshDirect customers who sign up through a referral link get $50 off their first two orders of $125 or more. As a result, you can place a $150 FreshDirect order and essentially pay just $70 for the order! Because you get $50 off your first two orders, you can even take part in this deal twice if you have more than one American Express credit card.



For those not familiar with FreshDirect, it’s an online grocer that delivers to the New York City surrounding area. You order online, schedule a delivery time frame, and they deliver straight to your door. They offer standard groceries just like you would find in your local supermarket, and the prices are comparable or cheaper since groceries in Manhattan are often pricey. FreshDirect even offers ready to cook meals with the ingredients all packaged for you, saving preparation time and reducing wasted groceries. All you need to do is follow the cooking instructions, and you’ll have a home-cooked meal.


FreshDirect ready to cook meals have the ingredients all laid out for you and provide easy to follow instructions

FreshDirect ready to cook meals have the ingredients all laid out for you and provide easy to follow instructions


Amex Sync FreshDirect

Unlike some of the other Amex Sync promotions where you tweet the offer to get the deal, the Amex Sync FreshDirect deal is only available through your American Express online account. It’s targeted to people in New York City so you may or may not see the deal show up.

Step 1: Log into your American Express online account and look under your credit card’s “Offers For You,” tab. If you see the Amex Sync FreshDirect offer, you should click “Save Offer,” and you’re done! As you can see, we already took part in the deal and redeemed the offer.

Amex Sync FreshDirect

Amex Sync FreshDirect


Step 2: Sign up for FreshDirect through a referral link. For your first two orders of $125 or more, you will get $50 off each order.

Step 3: Under your account, go to the gift cards page. This is the page for purchasing gift cards as well as the page to enter your gift card code to load the credit to your account. Buy a $100 gift card.

FreshDirect gift cards

FreshDirect gift cards


Step 4: You should instantly get an email saying, “Thank you for using your enrolled American Express® Card ending in XXXXX at FRESH DIRECT CATERING.”

Step 5: For your first two orders, you only have to order $125 or more to get $50 off each order, but you may want to order $150 since the total will come to $100 after the $50 discount, giving you the ability to use up your entire $100 gift card. You should also buy the FreshDirect DeliveyPass Two-Month Trial for $0.01 to avoid delivery fees for your FreshDirect orders.

Step 6: Repeat the steps above but with a second American Express credit card that is eligible for the Amex Sync FreshDirect offer. As a reminder, you only get $50 off your first two FreshDirect orders of $125 or more so even though we have multiple American Express credit cards, we only took part in this deal twice as discussed. If you shop at FreshDirect anyways and want to stock up on $100 gift cards at $70 each, then feel free to do so if you have a lot of American Express credit cards.


The Main Point

FreshDirect offers a convenient, well-priced groceries option for those in the New York City surrounding area. If you haven’t used FreshDirect before and are interested, now is a great time to do so, because you can essentially get $150 worth of groceries for $70 . . . twice! Via the Amex Sync FreshDirect offer, buy an $100 FreshDirect gift card for $70 before 2/15/14. Then sign up through a FreshDirect referral link to get $50 off your first two FreshDirect orders of $125 or more.


Disclaimer: I may receive referral credit for some of the links above, which I appreciate




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