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Posted by on Jan 27, 2014 in Manhattan, Venue | 0 comments

Wedding Venue Cost: Per Se #2

Recently, I analyzed the cost of a wedding at Per Se’s West Room, which seats 60 guests. For larger accommodations, consider privatizing the entire restaurant and hosting your reception in the Per Se Main Dining Room.


Per Se is located in the Time Warner Building with a great view of Columbus Circle

Per Se is located in the Time Warner Building with a great view of Columbus Circle


Wedding Venue: Per Se

Date Price Quoted: Summer 2013

Wedding Date Quoted For: Winter 2014 (Friday evening)

Price Assumptions: Includes dinner reception for 80 guests

Room Name: Main Dining Room

Capacity: 80

Venue Fee: $5,000

Catering Per Person (Low Range): $185

Catering Per Person (High Range): $270

Tax: 8.875%

Gratuity: 25%

Total Wedding Venue Cost: $80,000+


The Main Point

The catering cost is the same whether you are reserving the West Room or the Per Se Main Dining Room. $185 will get you the four course menu while $270 will get you the nine course chef’s tasting menu. The venue fee, however, goes up significantly when you book out the whole restaurant. For access starting at 5pm, the venue fee is $5,000. If you want all-day access, the venue fee becomes $15,000.

With that information, you may be curious why the total wedding venue cost is $80,000 or higher. That’s because the Per Se Main Dining Room has a $75,000 food and beverage minimum while the West Room only has a $8,000 minimum. If you spend the bare minimum of $75,000 on food and beverage, you’ll still have to account for the venue fee of $5,000 bringing the total venue cost to at least $80,000. Since the Main Dining Room has a capacity of 80 people (96 if you request slimmer chairs but let’s assume 80), that’s a food and beverage cost of at least $937.50 a person! Better start adding on canapés and wine options :).

With an increased capacity of just 20 people, the Per Se Main Dining Room does not seem like a great value when compared to the West Room, which is still not cheap by any means. If both are out of your budget and you still have your heart set on a wedding reception at Per Se, however, a daytime reception might be a good option. I’ll cover the estimated cost of a lunch reception at Per Se in a future post.




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