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Posted by on Jan 9, 2014 in Transportation | 0 comments

Free $50 Car Service Via Uber

I’ve previously mentioned how you can get free $45 of car service via Uber. Well, now the deal is better than ever, because you can get free $50 of car service from the current Uber promotion and possibly 20% off your next Uber ride. Free car service should help save you money when you are trying to get to the airport for your honeymoon.


Uber Promotion

Normally, you get $10 of Uber credit as a new customer but until January 20, 2014, you will get $20 of credit for signing up with Uber via the new year Uber promotion. As I mentioned previously when discussing Uber, you can also apply a promotion code to add on more free Uber credits, but you must do that AFTER signing up. has a great compilation of all Uber promotion codes ever offered and one of the recent codes is UBERFAST81, which gives you $30 off your first ride.


[Update 1/21/13] The $20 Uber signup bonus promotion now goes until 1/31/14. Uber promotion codes Uber promotion codes


I don’t have a new account to test a lot of these codes but when I tried to add UBERFAST81 to my own account, I got a message saying, “Promotion only available to new users.” That message leads me to believe that new users will be eligible for many of the Uber promotion codes. If UBERFAST81 doesn’t work, you can always try another Uber promotion code on the list.

To add an Uber promotion code, simply click on “Promotions” when logged into your Uber account. Last but not least, add Uber promotion code NYBG20 to also get 20% off your first ride, good until 1/26/14. This 20% off code is offered by the New York Botanical Garden so not sure how valid it is; think of it more as a bonus if it works.


Uber promotions

Uber promotions


The Main Point

Sign up for Uber before January 20, 2014, add the best Uber promotion code you can find from the list on, and add the New York Botanical Garden’s Uber promotion code NYBG20 to get 20% off your first ride, good until 1/26/14. If it all works as planned, you should receive $50 in Uber car service and 20% off your first ride!


Disclaimer: I may receive referral credit for some of the links above, which I appreciate




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