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Posted by on Dec 9, 2013 in Gift Cards | 0 comments

$60 of Free Groceries at Food Emporium, Pathmark, and other A&P Supermarkets

Currently, you can get at least $60 worth of free groceries from Food Emporium, Pathmark, and any of the A&P supermarkets via a special promotion the grocery chains are running. Until 12/12/13, you will get free grocery vouchers if you buy gift cards with the following value:

  • Buy $500 in gift cards to get $60 (3 $20 coupons) in free groceries
  • Buy $200 in gift cards to get $20 in free groceries
  • Buy $100 in gift cards to get $10 in free groceries
  • Buy $50 in gift cards to get $5 in free groceries

These free grocery vouchers are good until 12/26/13 so you still have a couple of weeks to spend them, but I wouldn’t stock up on them either in hopes of using them for the next couple of months. Personally, I thought we could use about $120 worth of free groceries between now and the end of year. As a result, I bought 2 $500 Visa gift cards to get $120 in free groceries.


Free Groceries at Food Emporium

I don’t live near Pathmark or other A&P supermarkets, but I do live near a few Food Emporium supermarkets in NYC. Specifically, I went to the Food Emporium on 43rd St. between 9th and 10th Ave. and the Food Emporium on 49th St. and 8th Ave.


Food Emporium Visa Gift Cards


At both Food Emporium, I successfully bought a $500 Visa gift card since I could cash out the gift card via Amazon Payments. I tried to use a credit card at both locations but was told cash or debit only. As a result, I used my debit card to make the purchase. Even though the $500 Visa gift card had a $5.95 fee, I would be getting $60 of free groceries, so I thought it was well worth it.


Food Emporium Coupons


You can only use one $20 coupon per transaction but if your grocery bill adds up to $60, you can of course split your purchases into $20 increments and get all your groceries for free.


The Main Point

I suggest buying the $500 Visa gift cards since you have to pay a $5.95 gift card fee regardless of how much you load on the gift card. As a result, you might as well get the highest value of free groceries – $60. In addition, you don’t have to buy Visa gift cards to get the free groceries coupons; you can buy gift cards to your favorite retail shops etc. I only suggest Visa gift cards, because as mentioned earlier, you can easily turn them back into cash via Amazon Payments essentially netting you $54.05 ($60 – $5.95) worth of free groceries for spending nothing at all!





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