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Posted by on Sep 23, 2013 in Amazon, Barclays Arrival, Credit Cards | 13 comments

Using Amazon Payments to Meet Minimum Spend Requirements for Credit Card Bonuses

In a previous post, I discussed how you can use Amazon Payments to cash out of wedding gift cards. While I mentioned you can use Amazon Payments with credit cards as well, I don’t think I was clear in emphasizing the main point: sending money on Amazon Payments with credit cards is how you can easily meet the minimum spend requirements to unlock the big credit card signup bonuses.

Besides cashing out gift cards, Amazon Payments is also great for credit cards. You can use Amazon Payments to generate manufactured spending to meet the minimum spend requirements that many credit card signup bonuses have. Of course, you can also use Amazon Payments to generate manufactured spending for free airline miles and points. One of the best credit cards to use for this purpose is the Barclays Arrival credit card, which offers a fantastic 44,000 miles signup bonus and low minimum spend requirement, which can be easily met with one Amazon Payments account.


The Main Point

For a step-by-step guide on how to use Amazon Payments with credit cards, read this post. The short summary is you can create multiple Amazon Payments accounts for yourself and other friends/family members who give you consent then use one account to send money via a credit card to another account. By doing so, you’ll have spent money on a credit card without actually spending a dime since all you did was send the money to yourself. At that point, you can withdraw the money from your Amazon Payments account to your bank account and use that money to pay off the credit card bill you manufactured. That is how you can easily earn tons of airline miles and points without being a big spender.


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  1. Hi,
    I found your great articlet here for Amazon Payments to Meet Minimum Spend Requirements for Credit Card Bonuses. As I am planning to chose “Serivce/Goods to send money to my sister with my credit card. But do you know if it is still doable as of now? I just checked Amazon web site and found there is fee for doing it It said 2.9% + $0.30 per transcation.


    • @Mbonus, as far as I know, the Amazon Payments website has never advertised no fees for the first $1,000 sent via credit card. it’s always shown a fee of 2.9% etc. but when you go to send money, however, no fee is actually charged even when you using a credit card. In fact, I had a friend who opened up some Amazon Payments account last month and is already sending $1,000 a month for free. What I would suggest doing is opening the Amazon Payments account and when you go send the money via credit card, see if there is a fee listed. They won’t charge you a fee without showing what it is first. More than likely, you’ll see that there is no fee.

  2. Thanks for the info. I already use AZ payments. Do you know of any other portals where I can send money for free using credit cards? Thanks again

    • Discover use to have Discover Money Messenger where you could send anywhere from $500 to $1,000 a month using your Discover credit card but unfortunately, they ended that feature this month actually.

  3. Have you tried using Venmo? Seems like another similar route for additional spend.

    • I’m not even sure Venmo allows credit cards to be used for free anymore but even if they do, it’s not very useful. Back when they debuted and allowed money to be sent for free using credit cards, they were shutting people’s accounts down when all they did was use credit cards to send money, and the amounts sent were not even that much.

  4. Oh yes that is correct, they now charge 3% on cc’s. I’ll let you know if hear of sir thing else

  5. This is not true. According to millionmilesecrets and slickdeals, you cannot do this as it will generate a red flag in your Amazon account. Amazon will know based on your social security number and this will lead to your account getting frozen and perhaps even shut down. Send it to a friend or family’s account and they will withdraw the money to give it back to you.

    • Sorry, I didn’t mean a single person should create multiple accounts for himself/herself. If you do that, you will indeed be flagged. What I meant was they should create multiple accounts for himself/herself and family members who otherwise wouldn’t create Amazon Payments accounts. I explained that more in depth in my original post: but I should’ve clarified that here for those who haven’t read my original post yet.

      • OK, I just got a Southwest Visa card and need to spend $2k to get 50k pts. I already sent 1k to my dad’s account using the CC. So can I use the same CC in my dad’s Amazon Payment account to pay myself back? Technically, credit card under my name going to a bank account in my name but using dad’s Amazon account. I just want to make sure that I will not get flagged. Thanks

      • Well ultimately, nobody knows what will or will not get you flagged but I can tell you from my own personal experience that I and others have done what you have described, and we have not been shut down yet. Of course, that is no guarantee for the future so do what you are most comfortable with.

    • Sorry, what I mean is that you cannot send money to yourself by making two accounts on Amazon. I believe that Amazon Payments account can only be tied to one Amazon account.

      The big question is, can you use your credit card to pay yourself by using your spouse’s Amazon Payment account, thereby getting back the $1000 and meeting the $2000 spend requirement for the CC at the same time? Is that what you mean by managing multiple Amazon Payment accounts?

      • That’s right – only one Amazon Payments account per person, but you can indeed send money from one family member to another, and I have been doing that for over a year no problem. That’s also what I was referring to when I mentioned multiple accounts. I was very specific about that in my original post, but I didn’t clarify that in the above post, which linked to the original post.

        Now, some people actually do open multiple Amazon Payments account for themselves and still manage to avoid any scrutiny from Amazon Payments, but I would still suggest against that to be safe.

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