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Posted by on Sep 10, 2013 in Brooklyn, Moving Company | 0 comments

Moving Company Cost: Get There Moving

Get There Moving already gets high marks on Yelp as a moving company but what really sets them apart in my mind was just one factor – they consistently answered the phone when I called. As I mentioned before, much like wedding vendors, moving companies suffer from a lack of price transparency. Out of the six or so moving companies I called, only Get There Moving picked up my call and was able to quote me an estimate on the phone right away.

Some other moving companies had me fill out an online form and still failed to respond to me in a timely manner. Sure, a couple moving companies also responded quickly to my email inquiry or called me back when I left a voice mail but when I’m trying to comparison shop for the best deal, having to wait even a few hours is not ideal. A simple action, such as picking up the phone right away actually reveals a lot. It’s a statement that you have great customer service and actually want to interact with the customer (by quoting them an estimate etc.), because you believe you can deliver a superior product or offer a much lower price than your competitor.


Moving Company: Get There Moving

Date Price Quoted: August 2013

Moving Date Quoted For: August 2013 (Friday afternoon)

Number of Movers: 3 Guys

Rate Type: Hourly

Hourly Fee: $140

Restrictions: Minimum 3 Hours

Truck Or Van: Truck

Insurance: Yes

Tax: 0%

Gratuity: 15% (Not mandatory but basically required by social etiquette)

Total Moving Company Cost: $483.00


The Main Point

You probably guessed that I went with Get There Moving in the end. The price is a very good value given you get three guys and a truck. In reality, the final price is even cheaper, because they offer a 4% discount on your balance if you pay by cash; you pay for the first hour ahead of time via Paypal.

All three guys that showed up were professional yet easy to talk to. They wrapped all the major furniture in heavy-duty blankets and plastic wrap so nothing broke in the move. In addition, the move went super fast. Even with horrible traffic and some minor issues we had with the elevator in my previous building, the total move was only 3.5 hours so I paid slightly more than the total rate I quoted above. They estimate a move for a studio to be 3 to 4 hours, but I really think it’s much closer to 3 hours when traffic is normal. It certainly helped that I got Jugglebox moving bins, and I definitely believe that the Juggleboxes paid for themselves by saving me moving time cost.

As fantastic as Get There Moving is, they may actually not be the right fit for your moving needs! If you are like me and need three guys and a truck, then Get There Moving is perfect, and I would highly recommend them. If you only have a couple of small furniture, some boxes, and some luggage, however, then perhaps two guys and a van would be enough. That would certainly be cheaper than even Get There Moving’s low prices, and I’ll discuss a couple of moving van options in future posts.




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