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Posted by on Sep 2, 2013 in Moving Company | 0 comments

Moving Company Cost: Jugglebox

We are finally done moving . . . and cleaning . . . and unpacking . . . and reorganizing. And while I absolutely loathe moving and all that goes with it, I will say that using Jugglebox to help us pack and unpack made life much easier. At first, I thought spending ~$100 for packing was crazy but after calculating how much cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, and tape would cost, I decided to give Jugglebox a try.





Moving Company: Jugglebox

Date Price Quoted: August 2013

Moving Date Quoted For: August 2013 (Friday afternoon)

Number of Movers: N/A

Rate Type: Flat rate

Flat Rate Fee: $99

Restrictions: 2 weeks rental

Truck Or Van: N/A

Insurance: N/A

Tax: 8.875%

Gratuity: 0%

Total Moving Company Cost: $107.79


The Main Point

Jugglebox is not actually a moving company in the traditional sense so sorry for any confusion. What they are is one of the original companies that rent out moving bins for a fee. Moving bins stack well, are easy to open and shut, and are environmentally friendly. In addition, Jugglebox delivers the bins to you and picks them up from you when you are done.

With traditional cardboard, you have to buy the cardboard, build it up by taping it together, then seal it shut with tape and label it when finished so you know what’s in each box. With a Jugglebox, the bins stack inside one another when empty. When you are ready to use a bin, you pull one out, fill it with items, and easily close the smart-design lid; no tape is required. I also didn’t label any of the Juggleboxes since it’s so easy to open and close the lids.


Jugglebox closing lids

Jugglebox closing lids


The pricing is simple. Jugglebox charges $99 plus tax for 25 bins, $129 plus tax for 35 bins, $169 plus tax for 50 bins, or $239 plus tax for 75 bins. I found 25 bins to be perfect for my needs for a studio in NYC. You schedule a delivery and upon delivery, you have two full weeks to use the Juggleboxes. Afterwards, you schedule a pickup date.


Jugglebox wardrobes

Jugglebox wardrobes


Jugglebox provides other options, such as Wardrobe boxes, but they are bad, and I would not recommend getting the Wardrobe boxes, because they are not as high-quality as the bins and a couple of them failed on me. The good news is Jugglebox has excellent customer service and refunded the fees for the wardrobe boxes without me asking. I believe Jugglebox’s customer service is what separates them from their competitors, such as Bin-it and Gorilla Bins, which offer similar products and services. In any case, I highly recommend Jugglebox for your next move. The cost is not much more than traditional packing supplies involving cardboard etc. and the hassle avoided is immense.




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