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Posted by on Jul 19, 2013 in Invitations | 0 comments

Buying Discounted Stamps on Ebay

As I mentioned before, wedding invitations and postage expenses can quickly add up if you are sending out traditional, physical invitations. Not only do you have to pay for the wedding invitation postage, you may also decide to pay for the postage of the RSVP card. Last but not least, you will probably be sending many thank you cards after the wedding, which again requires more postage.

If you definitely want your invitations and stamps to be decorative, then read my post regarding wedding stamps and hand cancellation. If you simply want to mail out your wedding invitations via the lowest cost, however, then you might be interested in discounted stamps sold on Ebay.

For many reasons (extra inventory or they acquired the stamps cheaper than face value), some Ebay sellers will sell you postage stamps at a discount to face value if you buy in bulk. Bulk doesn’t necessarily mean thousands of stamps either. Here are two listings, for example, of discounted stamps – one is for 1,000 stamps and the other is for 180 stamps.


1000 discounted stamps

1000 discounted stamps

180 discounted stamps

180 discounted stamps


As you can see, $399 will get you 1,000 stamps, which is currently worth $460. That means you save $61 or received a 13.26% discount. $78.70 will get you 180 stamps, which is currently worth $82.80. That means you save $4.10 or received a 4.95% discount. The savings on the 180 stamps is not as good as on 1,000 stamps but still, you are saving money on something you would otherwise be buying at full price. In addition, Ebay has its own loyalty program called Ebay Bucks, which rebates you 2% of your purchases at the end of every quarter in the form of Ebay Bucks, which can then be used to pay for Ebay purchases. By buying the discounted stamps on Ebay, you also save time and money by skipping the post office and having the stamps shipped right to you.


The Main Point

Unless you are planning a small, intimate wedding, chances are you’ll have 100+ guests and will need lots and lots of stamps for wedding invitations etc. You won’t find a wide selection of decorative, discounted stamps on Ebay, but you will pay less. I’ve given two example listings above, but Ebay has many more discounted stamp listings so you should be able to find a listing with the number of stamps you personally need, whether that’s 200 stamps, 500 stamps, etc. Just be sure to do the math and see how much of a discount you are receiving.




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