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Posted by on Jun 13, 2013 in Citi Hilton HHonors Reserve, Credit Cards, Hotel, Hyatt | 2 comments

Free Hyatt Diamond Status with a Hyatt Diamond Trial

Yesterday, I wrote about how you can open the Citi Hilton HHonors Reserve credit card to get free Hilton HHonors gold status along with a handful of other perks. If you are staying at a Hilton-related hotel or resort on your honeymoon, HHonors gold status can save you a lot of money since it provides free breakfast, free internet access, and free gym not to mention the potential room upgrade etc. I also mentioned that you may want to get Hilton HHonors gold even if you aren’t staying at a Hilton hotel, because you can leverage your Hilton HHonors gold status to status match at other hotel chains, such as Hyatt.


To apply for the credit cards discussed and other credit cards, please see my credit card bonuses page

To apply for the credit cards discussed in this post and other credit cards, please see my credit card bonuses page


Hyatt Diamond Trial

It’s really easy to get Hyatt diamond status (their highest status tier) for your honeymoon, because you can request a Hyatt diamond trial, which will give you Hyatt diamond status for 60 days. The purpose of the trial is to challenge you to stay 12 nights at Hyatt hotels in that time period to obtain full-time Hyatt diamond status, but that may not be of interest to a lot of people. For many people, the goal is to simply get Hyatt diamond status for the duration of the honeymoon, which provides the following benefits:

  • Upgrade to the best available room excluding suites
  • 4 suite upgrade certificates to be used on paid stays
  • Free internet access
  • Free access to the Regency Club or Grand Club lounge
  • Free breakfast
  • Free welcome bonus during each stay (choice of points or food and beverage option)
  • 30% point bonus on Hyatt stays


Hyatt Diamond

Hyatt Diamond, photo by UggBoy


Although the terms specify that upgrades to the best available room excludes suites, many Hyatt hotels will in fact put you in a suite if it is available! Telling them that you just got married and you are on your honeymoon doesn’t hurt either. Besides, it may not really matter since the Hyatt diamond trial gives you 4 suite upgrade certificates, each good for a stay up to seven days. That means if you pay for a Hyatt hotel for your honeymoon, you can apply one of the suite upgrade certificates right away to guarantee a suite for your entire honeymoon stay! To save even more money, open the Barclays Arrival credit card and redeem your free 44,000 miles (~$440) towards the Hyatt purchase; read more about the Barclays Arrival credit card here.

Is your honeymoon longer than seven days? No problem, just make two separate bookings and apply two suite upgrade certificates. Like Hilton HHonors gold status, Hyatt diamond status will also get you free internet access, free breakfast, and free access to the lounge. All these benefits mean cost savings for you and a better time enjoying the honeymoon.


Instructions to Obtain Hyatt Diamond Trial

Simply email and write in your request. I recently wrote the following email. Feel free to use it as a template or modify it for your own use.

Hi Hyatt Team,

I was wondering if I could be granted a Hyatt diamond trial for 60 days. Currently, I am a Hilton HHonors <insert status level> but after recent changes to their loyalty program, I am interested in taking my business elsewhere. I’m a big fan of Hyatt Gold Passport and the Hyatt hotel chain; my last stay at the <insert most recent Hyatt stay> in <insert month and year> was fantastic. I’m currently in the process of planning both my wedding and the honeymoon and am interested in booking several Hyatt hotels and obtaining full-time Hyatt diamond status.

Please see the attached screenshot showing my Hilton HHonors <insert status level> status as well as some recent portfolios of my stays at the Hilton chain. Would you be able to expedite this request if possible since I would like to finish booking my wedding and honeymoon hotels as soon as I can. Thank you very much! 

You will be asked to prove you do indeed have status at another hotel, and I also included portfolios of some recent Hilton stays just for the heck of it. Showing stays at a competitor’s hotels is not really a requirement although it can’t hurt in case you get a Hyatt representative who is being difficult.


The Main Point

It’s easy to get top-tier Hyatt diamond status via a Hyatt diamond trial. All you need is a high level status at another hotel chain. Just keep in mind that the Hyatt diamond trial is only good for 60 days so you will want to time your request like I did and get approved for the trial no earlier than two months before the END of your honeymoon trip.

The hotel status match doesn’t have to stop with Hyatt either. You can leverage your hotel status to get status at more chains, such as StarwoodMarriott and IHG. The free status match at those hotel chains, however, are not as easy to obtain or the status level that you do get will not entitle you to much. Thus, the quality of perks and benefits you receive from them will not be as good as Hyatt’s or Hilton’s. I like Hyatt diamond status the best and as you can see, it’s really easy to get upgraded to a suite for your honeymoon without ever having stayed at a Hyatt in your life or shelling out lots of money. Once you are on the Hyatt diamond trial, it’s also very easy to get two free nights in a suite, which I’ll talk about next time.


Disclaimer: I may receive referral credit for some of the links above, which I appreciate





  1. Status matches are a great tool to get elite benefits quickly. However keep in mind that you can usually only do it once per loyalty account. So you have to qualify on your own the year after and it gets really easy to get used to elite treatment 🙂

    • Very true. When someone does a status match, they should do it for a trip that really counts, such as a honeymoon!

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