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Posted by on Jun 11, 2013 in Photographer | 0 comments

Wedding Photographer Cost: Wedding Bug Studios

Even after my fiancĂ©e and I had already decided on a wedding photographer, I remember browsing some popular photographers on Wedding Wire one day and came across Wedding Bug Studios. Wedding Bug Studios is a nationwide vendor that strives to be an all-in-one provider. What I mean by this statement is that they want to be your photographer, your videographer, and your DJ. I was immediately intrigued when I went to Wedding Bug Studios’ website, because it was structured like an online store with a menu of items to select and add on. At the end, you could checkout your cart and pay just as if you were shopping for clothes!

The reason I liked it so much was because it instantly put the price in front of your face and removed the price secrecy that shrouds a lot of wedding vendors. After all, that’s why I started writing on Wedding Spend – so that people planning for a wedding can read all the price research that I have done and not waste time setting up meetings with vendors and haggling over price. You get a clear picture of what a wedding vendor is charging before you contact them and can make better informed decisions as you plan your wedding.

Having said that, I’m not impressed with the other aspects of Wedding Bug Studios, but I’ll explain more below. First, have a look at the cost of their 8 Hour Photography package.


Wedding Photographer: Wedding Bug Studios

Date Price Quoted: June 2013

Wedding Date Quoted For: 2014 (prices are the same for all days)

Package Name: 8 Hour Photography

Assistant: No

Package Fee: $1,002

Travel Fee: $60

Tax: TBD

Gratuity: 0%

Total Wedding Photographer Cost: $1,062


The Main Point

The price is certainly extremely low and a positive, but I didn’t like how Wedding Bug Studios advertises a package fee then tacks on some unadvertised hidden charges, such as a “location charge” and “shipping & handling.” The 8 Hour Photography package is advertised as $995 but after the charges mentioned, the total comes to $1,062 before tax, which varies depending on the state. These charges are pretty small and the package does come with a free Premium Collection, but I still think it’s a bit sneaky and the Premium Collection is not really worth the $100 they claim it’s worth. All they do is digitally enhance 36 of your favorite photos, but most wedding photographers will go through ALL your photos and enhance them as needed at no surcharge.

Upon reading the reviews, I was put off by some of the negative comments that previous clients wrote regarding Wedding Bug Studios including the poor customer service, the lack of communication and most importantly, the poor picture quality. Since they seem to operate as a middleman of sort for contracted photographers, it’s hard to say which photographer you will receive right away, and some of the negative reviews touched on how impersonal the photographer was. Sure, a lot of positive reviews are written as well and their average rating on Wedding Wire is not bad, but the numerous negative reviews can’t be ignored.

In the end, Wedding Bug Studios offers extremely low-cost photography packages and while I have no personal experience, my guess is the quality is also subpar. They probably hope to generate additional income when clients purchase add-ons, such as albums and upgrades. I really do think it’s interesting that they try to remove the price secrecy and human-negotiation element of a typical wedding vendor, which is great. Nevertheless, it’s probably best to avoid Wedding Bug Studios. Even if you are a budget-conscious couple (and who isn’t?), you can still save in many other ways without sacrificing quality too much. Have a look at some of the other research I’ve done on wedding photographer cost.




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