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Posted by on May 21, 2013 in Blue Nile, Cash Back, Wedding Registry | 0 comments

Get Free Shipping From ShopRunner

If you have converted to using cash back portals and doing as much as your shopping online, you will no doubt encounter one of the biggest problems with online shopping – shipping fees. Shipping fees can account for a large part of the online purchase unless you meet the minimum spending requirement to get free shipping or you are part of a retailer’s free shipping program, such as Amazon Prime. Unrestricted free shipping really helps consumers take advantage of the convenience and lower prices from shopping online. That is why Amazon slightly devalued their Amazon Prime program by introducing add-ons, and why consumers were not happy.


Free Shipping From ShopRunner

I recently saw on Dan’s Deals that anyone can get free shipping from ShopRunner for one year with an American Express credit card. If you are not familiar with ShopRunner, it is similar to Amazon Prime, but the shipping services are for a variety of stores (Amazon not one of them of course). Like Amazon Prime, you get unrestricted two-day shipping with no minimum spend required.


ShopRunner stores

ShopRunner stores


With this promotion, you simply need an American Express credit card to prove you are an American Express customer and your credit card will be stored with ShopRunner, but you won’t be charged anything. If you already have free ShopRunner membership like I do from a previous promotion, this American Express special will give you a one-year extension.


The Main Point

I would never pay the $79 it normally costs for ShopRunner but if it is free, I will gladly take it. Free shipping from ShopRunner applies to a variety of stores of interest, including Blue Nile, (which I buy stuff from all the time and will explain in the future how to obtain high savings and sometimes free household goods), and other retailers that you might be shopping at to buy wedding registry gifts.


Disclaimer: I may receive referral credit for some of the links above, which I appreciate




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