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Posted by on May 13, 2013 in Cash Back, Citi Forward, Credit Cards | 0 comments

Is the Citi Forward Credit Card Still Available?

The Citi Forward credit card was one of the first credit cards I ever got. I had just graduated from college and was about to enter the “real world,” which basically meant I no longer had a dining hall and that I would either have to learn how to cook or I would be eating out all the time. Naturally, I chose the latter path out of laziness despite having a lot of free time. Nowadays, ironically, I find myself with almost no free time but a great interest in cooking! I’ve even taken a couple of cooking classes.

Anyways, since I was eating out so often, I wanted to find the credit card that would give me the best cash back for dining. That credit card is the Citi Forward credit card, and I’ve talked about how you should try to charge your wedding caterer on the Citi Forward credit card if your caterer is considered a restaurant for credit card merchant processing purposes. If it is, you will get 5 Thank You Points per $ spent, which you can redeem on gift cards and/or use to book travel, essentially giving you 5% back on your spending.

Recently, however, one of my friends tried to apply for the card but found out that it’s now called the Citi Forward for College Students. Not only does that have a bad ring to it, but the application now also asks for your school information. Does that mean the Citi Forward credit card is no longer available to the general public? I would argue no.

[Update 11/1/13] Unfortunately, the Citi Forward no longer offers new cardholders 5 Thank You Points per $ spent on dining and bookstores, such as Amazon. I no longer recommend opening this credit card.


To apply for the credit cards discussed and other credit cards, please see my credit card bonuses page

To apply for the credit cards discussed in this post and other credit cards, please see my credit card bonuses page


The terms and conditions of the application state that, “You must be at least 18 years of age and a currently enrolled college student.” But college does not necessarily mean a 4-year university or even a community college. College usually refers to post-secondary education or after high school. In that case, it could refer to vocational school. It could even refer to a Groupon class you are taking to learn a new hobby, such as cooking or dancing. And that is exactly what I would put on the Citi Forward credit card application. If Citi finds that unacceptable, they will deny your application, but I don’t think that will happen. After all, I’ve heard of people (not college students) who are still successfully getting their other Citi credit cards converted to the Citi Forward credit card by calling Citi directly.


Citi Forward school information

Citi Forward school information


The Main Point

I have no proof that my interpretation is correct, but I highly doubt Citi will not approve someone for the Citi Forward credit card just because they are not enrolled in a college in the traditional sense. After all, Citi and other credit card companies are approving people without businesses for business credit cards everyday. I think Citi started targeting college students for the Citi Forward credit card, because that group is the intended audience for a card that gives 5 Thank You Points for every $ spent on dining, bookstores (, movies, etc. But I also think they will be happy to issue anyone the credit card as long as they have good credit and are a good customer.

As always, that is my opinion and each person will have to decide what they are comfortable doing. So what if you don’t want to put down just any school or class to get the Citi Forward credit card but you still want 5% cash back on dining? Another fantastic credit card exists, and it has multiple other benefits as well, but I’ll cover that in a future post.


Disclaimer: I may receive referral credit for some of the links above, which I appreciate.




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