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Posted by on May 8, 2013 in Blue Nile, Cash Back, Ring, Top Cash Back | 0 comments

How to Get Free Blue Nile Returns

When I first spoke about massive savings on diamond engagement rings at Blue Nile, I mentioned that Blue Nile has a hassle-free 30 day return policy. That does not mean, however, that returning a ring is free; all hassle-free means is that returning or exchanging is very easy. According to their return policy, the customer pays the return postage. Depending on the price of the ring purchased, the customer may also have to pay for shipping insurance! These charges can quickly add up if you are constantly returning or exchanging for a different size or style. But you can ignore all that mumbo jumbo, because a good way to get free Blue Nile returns does exist. While this method is not guaranteed to work and you shouldn’t abuse it, you should have a high success rate.


Blue Nile returns

Blue Nile returns


Free Blue Nile Returns

Quite often, customers are not looking to return their Blue Nile rings; they are simply looking for an exchange, because the ring size is too big or too small. Now remember, Blue Nile does send out a free ring sizer upon request. As a result, the key to getting free Blue Nile returns is to let them know you used THEIR ring sizer and still got a ring that does not fit properly. You followed THEIR instructions properly and because of that, the incorrect sizing is not your fault. Then add a line, such as, “As a customer, I should not be faulted and charged a return postage.” Most likely, they will apologize and tweak some settings on their end. Then before you know it, that return postage, which could not be waived, is now taken care of by Blue Nile. At that point, they will email you a shipping label, which you’ll affix to the return box and drop it off for shipping.


The Main Point

As with any type of customer service issue, it’s important to hammer home the idea that you are the customer, and their job is to try to help you in a reasonable manner. Blue Nile has fantastic customer service, and I’m confident they will try to make circumstances right. Of course, don’t be THAT customer. Never be rude and don’t complain about every tiny aspect just for the sake of complaining. Have a goal in mind, help the customer representative along, and give him a good reason to help you.

One important issue to note is that exchanging a Blue Nile ring may nullify the cash back you received from Top Cash Back or whatever cash back portal you used. This occurrence should not happen since you are merely changing the ring size so when you are on the phone with the Blue Nile customer representative, tell them you are aware of this glitch and have them make sure you get credited for your affiliate rewards i.e. cash back. By following these simple steps, you should be able to easily get free Blue Nile returns.


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