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Posted by on Apr 25, 2013 in Cash Back, Chase Ultimate Rewards, Credit Cards, Ebates, Macy's, ShopDiscover, Top Cash Back | 2 comments

More Savings with ShopDiscover and Discover Cashback

If you’ve been reading about cash back portals and buying a tuxedo or suit from Macy’s at great prices, you may be wondering several questions?


Q. What exactly is this “” cash back portal you see at the top of Cashbackholic’s page when you search for Macy’s?

Q.Why is the cash back rate so much higher for this “” cash back portal than the other cash back portals I’ve discussed in the past, such as Ebates, Top Cash Back, and Mr. Rebates?

Q.Why is this “” offering the highest cash back for many retailers besides Macy’s? For example, it is currently offering the highest cash back for Sears at 10%.


Cashbackholic - Macy's

Cashbackholic – Macy’s

Cashbackholic - Sears

Cashbackholic – Sears


ShopDiscover and Discover Cashback refers to ShopDiscover, which is another cash back portal that can be a powerful tool in saving you money when shopping online. Unlike other popular cash back portals, ShopDiscover is only available to Discover cardholders. It is a bonus perk to entice you to open up one of their credit cards and because of that, Discover is able to offer higher cash back rates at certain retailers than the typical cash back portal.


ShopDiscover cash back portal

ShopDiscover cash back portal


Some of these cash back rates are quite lucrative at 20%, 15%, and 10% as you can see from these recent screenshots. And for the retailers that ShopDiscover does not offer an especially high cash back rate, the cash back rate is still often on par with those you will see at Ebates, Top Cash Back, etc. That is why ShopDiscover may be the go-to cash back portal for those who do not want to deal with multiple accounts and simply want to shop easily via one portal.


ShopDiscover 20 Percent cash back stores

ShopDiscover 20 percent cash back stores

ShopDiscover 15 Percent cash back stores

ShopDiscover 15 percent cash back stores

Just the first page of ShopDiscover 10 Percent cash back stores

Just the first page of ShopDiscover 10 percent cash back stores


The Main Point

I didn’t mention ShopDiscover and Discover Cashback when I first introduced cash back portals, because I thought it was important to teach the basics first and not overwhelm you with information if you are new to cash back portals. While portals, such as Ebates etc. are open to everyone, specialty portals, such as ShopDiscover are only accessible if you are eligible. As a result, they can be slightly more complicated, because they are restricted to certain people and you get paid to your Discover credit card account (which can then be redeemed for cash or gift cards).

At the same time, these speciality cash back portals can be more lucrative and in the future, I will also discuss Chase Ultimate Rewards and the Chase Ultimate Rewards Shopping Mall. Chase Ultimate Rewards has been talked about to death by miles and points bloggers, and one of the best sources about that subject is The Frequent Miler if you want to read about it now. Tomorrow, I’ll talk about which Discover credit card to open to get access to the ShopDiscover portal and other special perks you will receive as well.


Disclaimer: I receive referral credit for some of the links above if you sign up through them, which I appreciate





  1. I would like to clarify there is a huge difference between cash back site and cash back credit card. Cash Back sites share sale commission while credit card shares processing commission.

    • Very true, although a lot of credit card companies are now offering a cash back portal in addition to their cash back or rewards credit card i.e. Chase Ultimate Rewards Mall and ShopDiscover. BTW, you guys have a good site and great cash back rates. I’ve been using it a bit lately and was about to post a review soon after I confirmed that my cash back posted seamlessly etc.

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