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Posted by on Apr 24, 2013 in Amazon, Citi Forward, Credit Cards, Manhattan | 0 comments

Peony Red Qipaos at Great Prices

For those not familiar with what a qipao A.K.A. cheongsam is, Wikipedia describes a qipao as, “a body-hugging one-piece Chinese dress for women.” It was first popularized during the 1920s in Shanghai and today is a wardrobe staple for Chinese brides and even some non-Chinese brides! Here is what more modern qipaos look like, although you may be more familiar with the traditional silk, red qipaos featuring dragon or flower designs.


Modern qipaos

Modern qipaos, photo by Wootang01


Peony Red Qipao

Like a wedding dress, a qipao is an important price consideration for many brides, especially those who do not have the luxury of going overseas to Hong Kong or China to buy one for cheaper. If you shop for a high-quality, 100% silk qipao here in New York City, it will run you ~$300. Fortunately, I found a way better deal and from one of the more reputable qipao sellers in the city.

The store is called Peony Red and if you Google for qipaos in New York City, you will consistently see them being recommended. Until recently, they had a location on the 2nd floor of the Pearl River Mart in SOHO (they are now closed I believe). Before going into the store, my fiancée and I did a search on the Internet for, “Peony Red qipao,” and found their Amazon storefront. The prices looked VERY reasonable so we were surprised to see prices in the $285+ range when we went into the store.

After speaking to the nice lady at the storefront for a good ten minutes, we finally understood the reason for the price discrepancy. Because Peony Red takes up space in the Pearl River Mart, they have to pay a large portion of sales to the Pearl River Mart. Their Amazon storefront, however, is run by them so they receive 100% of the proceeds. Upon realizing this, I instantly offered to have the lady measure and tailor my fiancée at the store but told her we would purchase it online. She was happy to do so.

Both side wins since we paid $125 for a 100% silk, tailored qipao (since the nice lady measured my fiancée at the store), and Peony Red gets to keep much more of their sales. What you get from their Amazon store is the same item as you would get from buying it at Peony Red inside Pearl River Mart, and I can confirm that Peony Red qipaos are high quality and authentic. You can browse Peony Red’s Amazon store for a variety of qipao colors and styles.


The Main Point

A high-quality, 100% silk qipao can be bought for a very reasonable price if you buy it from Peony Red. Unfortunately, the physical store no longer exists inside Pearl River Mart so you won’t be able to get measured in the real store then order it online like my fiancée did. You can still, however, buy the qipao online at a great price then get it tailored elsewhere. I feel highly confident that will still be much cheaper than getting a qipao from another store in New York City. Last but not least, don’t forget to use the Citi Forward credit card when buying the qipao at Amazon, since the credit card essentially gives you 5% back in points when shopping at Amazon.

[Update 11/1/13] Unfortunately, the Citi Forward no longer offers new cardholders 5 Thank You Points per $ spent on dining and bookstores, such as Amazon. I no longer recommend opening this credit card.


To apply for the credit cards discussed and other credit cards, please see my credit card bonuses page

To apply for the credit cards discussed and other credit cards, please see my credit card bonuses page


To apply for the credit cards discussed and other credit cards, please see my credit card bonuses page


Disclaimer: I receive referral credit for some of the links above if you sign up through them, which I appreciate




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