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Posted by on Apr 23, 2013 in Long Island, Venue | 16 comments

Wedding Venue Cost: Jericho Terrace

Another terrific and good-value wedding venue option is Jericho Terrace in Long Island. Like Fox Hollow, Jericho Terrace has many rooms to choose from with different capacities. Their prices are similar as well.


Sky dome with plenty of light in one of Jericho Terrace's reception room

Sky dome with plenty of light in one of Jericho Terrace’s reception room


Wedding Venue: Jericho Terrace

Date Price Quoted: November 2012

Wedding Date Quoted For: July 2013 (Saturday evening)

Price Assumptions: Includes ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception for 150 guests

Room Name: Penthouse Room

Capacity: ~250

Venue Fee: $0

Catering Per Person (Low Range): $100

Catering Per Person (High Range): $125

Tax: 8.875%

Gratuity: 20%

Total Wedding Venue Cost: $22,047


The Main Point

Jericho Terrace has a different feel and style than Fox Hollow. In my opinion, Fox Hollow has more of a classy, country club sort of vibe while Jericho Terrace has more of a grand ballroom kind of vibe. As noted before, however, each venue also has different rooms that possess their own unique characteristics. Jericho Terrace’s Dome Room, for example, has a big glass dome in the middle of the room, which allows a lot of natural light during the daytime. Location-wise, Jericho Terrace is located closer to Manhattan than Fox Hollows so that could be either a positive or a negative depending on your own preferences.





  1. Does anyone know what the price range for jerichoterrace is as of right now 2013???

    • Since it’s only been a year, I wouldn’t think the price has changed too much. That’s my guess anyways. When providing a quote, they never gave a set price anyways, merely a range.

    • we have the skylight room for 2014 friday night wedding at 85/pp same tax, same gratuity

      • Thanks for sharing, Irene. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

      • Did you have the 2014 wedding at 85/pp? What month and what day of the week?

      • @Toni sorry for the delayed response. Unfortunately, I don’t have the latest info for 2014, but what Irene has listed above is probably pretty accurate since I can’t imagine their prices changing too much.

  2. We had our wedding in November 2014 Saturday daytime and it was $97 pp with tax and gratuity. Dome room

    • Thanks Kristin for the additional info about daytime wedding costs at Jericho Terrace.

  3. I had my wedding there in 1993, pretty much the same price back then.

  4. Does anyone know the current cost pp for Jericho Terrace?

  5. Does anyone know the prices for 2017???

    • Hello, I was wondering did you get an answer because am having the same question.

  6. 146 per person Saturday night July 2016.

    • how many people did you have to guarantee for this price?

      • @Raquel, back when I spoke with them in 2013, no minimum was ever stated, but it’s likely at least 150 people if I had to guess

  7. Does anyone know the price range for Jericho Terrace for 2017 ?

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