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Posted by on Apr 17, 2013 in Cash Back, Ebates, Gift Cards, Macy's, Men's Wearhouse | 2 comments

Buying a Tuxedo or Suit from Macy’s at Great Prices

In yesterday’s post, I discussed why I thought shopping at Men’s Wearhouse for tuxedos was a bad idea. Their tuxedos are poor quality, uncomfortable, and will cost you the same amount of money as buying a brand new one! That is why I recommend buying a tuxedo instead of renting one. In addition, I recommend buying a tuxedo or suit from Macy’s for the following reasons:


1) Wide range of selection and sizes

2)┬áDecent quality especially against competitors, such as JC Penney, Bergner’s, etc.

3) Constant “deals” and coupon codes that give you 15% to 25% off along with free shipping

4) Good cash back rate via a cash back portal and can easily find 11% discounted gift cards at Plastic Jungle

5) Large nationwide presence so tailoring needs and purchase returns are easy


Macy’s Tuxedos And Suits

For lower-quality material (not 100% wool) just look at all these tuxedos and suits for $129.99, such as the Kenneth Cole Reaction Slim Fit Suit. For some of them, you get an additional 20% off using the coupon code DEAL. The final price for a $149.99 Izod tuxedo after getting 20% off is just $127.19. That’s before you even consider the savings from going through a cash back portal (currently Ebates will give you 6% cash back) and buying 11% discounted Macy’s gift cards from Plastic Jungle.


Macy's suits and tuxedos

Macy’s suits and tuxedo

Izod tuxedo checkout

Izod tuxedo checkout


I already own a tuxedo but for my groomsmen, I opted for the higher-quality 100% wool suits, because the cost wasn’t significantly higher, and it was still a pretty good deal. I also wanted to get them a gift so I thought a good, black suit was something they would wear forever. Use coupon code DEAL for the Ralph Lauren suit to get 20% off and coupon code TXTCLB for the Calvin Klein suit to get 15% off.


Ralph Lauren 100% wool suit

Ralph Lauren 100% wool suit

Ralph Lauren suit checkout

Ralph Lauren suit checkout

Calvin Klein 100% wool suitCalvin Klein

Calvin Klein 100% wool suit

Calvin Klein suit checkout

Calvin Klein suit checkout


The Main Point

In the above examples, here are the final prices taking into account the 6% cash back from Ebates and the 11% discount by buying Macy’s gift cards from Plastic Jungle:

Izod tuxedo: $127.19 – $7.63 – $13.99 = $105.57

Ralph Lauren suit: $211.19 – $12.67 – $23.23 = $175.29

Calvin Klein suit: $225.23 – $13.51 – $24.78 = $186.94

So the question is do you want to pay around $150 for a used, one-time rental from Men’s Wearhouse or pay the above amount for a brand new tuxedo or suit from Macy’s? To me, the answer was pretty clear.


Disclaimer: I may receive referral credit for some of the links above, which I appreciate





  1. This is great advice. Thanks. Will seriously consider this.

    • No problem, I just did a post about qipaos too that hopefully will help you when shopping for that.

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