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Posted by on Apr 16, 2013 in David's Bridal, Men's Wearhouse | 6 comments

Men’s Wearhouse Tuxedos Are Bad

I think it’s natural for many couples to think David’s Bridal dresses and Men’s Wearhouse tuxedos when they plan how to outfit themselves and the bridal party. After all, you generally want everyone to match with one another and with the color theme of the wedding. On a side note, I didn’t even know color theme is an important issue before I got engaged, but apparently it is! Anyway, both companies try to leverage their national presence and advertise effectively. In addition, Men’s Wearhouse also communicates the idea that it is really easy to go into their store and get all your wedding tuxedos coordinated and tailored in one place. But in my opinion, Men’s Wearhouse tuxedos are just bad, and their prices are not a good deal.

To be fair, I’ve never actually rented a Men’s Warehouse tuxedo or suit, and I have zero interest. I did, however, do a fair bit of research when my fiancée and I were thinking about renting suits from there for the groomsmen. If you are still interested in hearing my advice after reading that disclaimer, then read on.


Men’s Wearhouse Negative Reviews

Basically, if you Google a term, such as, “Men’s Wearhouse tuxedo review,” you’ll get a bunch of reviews saying their experience was mediocre or poor. What I thought was useful, however, was this article giving a thorough analysis of Men’s Wearhouse tuxedos. One of my favorite quotes include the following:

Pants: Without exaggeration, imagine parachute pants minus the elastic cuff and straight throughout the leg. All of our pant legs were wide enough to put both legs into. Also, the taller you are, the wider the pant legs. If you’re tall and skinny, then this will be ridiculously baggy.

In addition, the pants are sized to fit three waist sizes, so assume that you’re getting pants up to two sizes too big in the waist that are taken in by elastic bands down to your size.

Men’s Warehouse will only adjust the break of the pants and hem them up when you go to pick it up. They will not taper the pants! This was a disappointment for several of us, who really could’ve used a taper on the legs. I seriously had a foot of extra fabric around my thigh area.

Shirt: The dress shirt is 100% polyester — basically, you’re wrapped in plastic. Also, the top button isn’t a regular button, but rather a button designed to allow the collar size to stretch larger, making it really awkward if you have a skinnier (rather than larger) neck.

Tie: The tie is essentially a clip on. Imagine a pre-tied bowtie with an adjustable collar, except with a regular necktie on the front. This shocked me more than the pants.

When I commented on the clip-on tie to the clerk at the Men’s Warehouse, he excitedly responded, “Yeah! We make it super easy for you!” No kidding.

Jacket and waistcoat: No surprises here. If you sized down, you’d be all right. I didn’t need my sleeve length adjusted, so I wasn’t sure if they offered that service, but they might. But I doubt they’d tailor in the sides for you, just as they wouldn’t taper the pants.

The jacket is rather heavier in weight and fully lined. I took the liberty of opening up the front pockets, whose seams were still sewed shut. Overall, these elements fit the best.

Shoes: The shoes were Joseph Abboud, shiny-black (patent?) leather (or faux leather?) with rubber soles. If you have your own shiny-black oxfords, then I’d recommend wearing those instead. You’ll be more comfortable, plus it’ll look nicer.

Ok, so the pants don’t fit well yet Men’s Wearhouse won’t fully tailor it for you, the shirts are made of uncomfortable polyester, and the shoes don’t look great. What else could be bad? It’s not just one review; I saw several reviews refer to Men’s Wearhouse pants as “parachute pants.” Here’s another negative article with the title, “Renting a Tux from Men’s Wearhouse: Tux Rental Experience = Lame.”


Men’s Wearhouse Prices

The price of a tuxedo rental from Men’s Wearhouse can vary tremendously depending on which style, brand, and additional accessories you want. For most of their tuxedos, it seems the prices range from the low $100s to the low $200s. This price is assuming the $40 off coupon below is already applied, which means an average rental will probably cost you around $150 or so.

As mentioned, if you sign up for their mailing list, Men’s Wearhouse will spam you with their special limited-time offer, but don’t be fooled. The offer for $40 off every tux and a free rental for the groom after 5 paid rentals is basically always ongoing. It sounds like a decent deal, but it really isn’t. First, you need to have five groomsmen to get the “free” rental. Secondly, all the promotion really does is shift the burden of cost from the groom to the groomsmen. Last but not least, when you think about it, do you really want to pay $150 or maybe more for a bad-quality, one-day rental when you can spend roughly the same or slightly more money on a brand new suit?


Men's Wearhouse's "discount"

Men’s Wearhouse’s “discount”


The Main Point

I will admit Men’s Wearhouse does have one big positive, which is ease of use. They are everywhere so if you have groomsmen from all over the country, it is really easy to pick out a tuxedo and have them go to any Men’s Wearhouse store in the country to get fitted. Having a large presence also makes for an easy rental return. In addition, every aspect from their clip-on tie to their many-colored vests make it seamless to put on the clothes and match.

But is that really worth it? The clothes won’t fit you well, they will be uncomfortable, and you and your groomsmen won’t save any money really. So you may be wondering what your other options are. In the next post, I will talk about why I think buying is a better alternative and what exactly I did for my groomsmen.





  1. The service and attitude of the tux rental person was terrible. The woman who helped me had a lousy attitude when I ordered it. She seemed like she did not wanted to be there or maybe just has an attitude. They got me a tux with a vest and long necktie when I ordered a bow tie and cummerbund. The sales lady told me tat I had picked out the picture with the tie and vest and that was what I ordered. That was not true. Everyone makes mistakes, but insisting they are right and telling you it will have to be reordered and won’t get until the next day is unbelievable. Not to mention terrible customer ,service. A tux rental store without a black tie???? I accepted their screwup and said I would just buy a bow tie, somewhere else. Avoid the Perimeter Mall store in Atlanta at all costs! I was interested in buying a tux, but will never set foot in that store again except to return the rental. I will pay the difference and go to Nordstrom or anywhere but Men’s Wearhouse.

    • @J Cooley, that sounds terrible. I recently went to Men’s Wearhouse for my friend’s upcoming wedding and while I didn’t get the bad service you did, I definitely got an indifferent attitude from them.

  2. How can u comment on how horrible a place is if you’ve never been 150 is for a calvin kline tux which does include everything (jacket pant shirt shoes vest tie or bow ties socks studs and cufflinks) so u get dressed from head to toe for that price n while yes you can purchase a lower quality suit for that price that will only be your jacket and pant so u still have all the other accessories to purchase which end up with your guys spending about 350 and prices are actually assuming our in store 30 dollar discount so if you come in with a db discount you save and extra 10 off your order.and most wedding parties have each person pay for their tux individually so they already have the burden of paying for their own tux and lastly ties are pre tied Because a large amount of adults and kids dont know how to tie a tie and when its in the middle of a rush we dont have the man power or time to teach individuals how to tie a tie

    • @employee as mentioned in the post, “To be fair, I’ve never actually rented a Men’s Warehouse tuxedo or suit,” but you may be right – perhaps I’m in no position to comment so the best I can do is offer my own opinions, and readers are free to make their own decisions. At the same time, sometimes I think it’s important to form an opinion even before trying something, because trying something has a cost to it.

      I will be wearing a Men’s Wearhouse tuxedo for my friend’s upcoming wedding so I can offer an update after that experience.

      • I am an ex – employee and as much as it pains me to say, the individual who wrote the main review was able to find another review (the one giving the step by step description of the way the rental items are made and fit) that was by far the most perfectly exact description. And they won’t tailor any of it under the excuse that it’s a rental. I will admit that u may get lucky n find the few who are sprinkled throughout the company that arewilling to dowhatever it takes to get it right, but know- they won’t last long.. the article is precisely spot on. The main thing that is amazing about Men’s Wearhouse corporation is how accessible they are if ur wedding party is spread out, keep in mind their selection of prints is sparse n nothing very different or unique in any way- very classy n traditional styles, and about 7-12 colors to choose from, tops.. if wanting anything in a “slim fit” be prepared to pay about $175-$220 INCLUDING the discount n taxes, n YES that is WITH THE $40 DISCOUNT.. that’s also including the pocket silk that u don’t have to have, u actually are paying extra $10-$15 for that.. it saddens me to this day when I hear or read a negative review because the company USED to be so wonderful to work for, but I guess sometimes companies can change into big corporations n lose sight of the “smaller things” …. there are good stores with great employees n I hope u find one should u rent thru men’s wearhouse- cuz if u do ur experience will be an amazing one n u will return whenever u need anything but if ur not lucky n u get an “just ok store” u will probably never shop with the corporation again. Best of luck n please believe that I- if u choose to go in n rent u win the luck of the draw n get a good store

  3. I went there for my wedding and it was great. Groomsmen all throughout the U.S. so we needed a big company. After the $40 off each groomsman paid $140 for everything which is very reasonable. Instead of taking the free rental they gave me a brand new suit of my choice! $600 suit or pay the difference for any that cost more than $600. So essentially i paid $140 and got a $600 suit to keep,cant beat that

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