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Posted by on Apr 10, 2013 in David's Bridal, DJ | 0 comments

$50 Scratch Weddings Discount but You can Do Better!

Yesterday, I provided the cost information and a detailed analysis of Scratch Weddings, a highly rated wedding DJ company. Their prices are already a great deal in my opinion, but you can save even more and get a Scratch Weddings discount when you are referred. Their refer-a-friend program lets me refer anyone and if you sign up, you get $50 off your booking and I also get $50.


Scratch Weddings referral

Scratch Weddings referral


However, you SHOULD NOT book through this method, because you can save $150 instead if you wait for a referral from David’s Bridal. The promotion says for David’s Bridal clients but all you really need to do is sign up for a David’s Bridal account on their homepage. You won’t get the Scratch Weddings discount email from David’s Bridal right away and in my experience, it takes a month or so to get the promotional email. As a result, you may want to sign up a couple of months before you plan to book your DJ. When you do get the email, you need to sign up through the email link or you won’t get the discount.


Scratch Weddings better referral from David's Bridal

Scratch Weddings better referral from David’s Bridal


The Main Point

Scratch Weddings already has very low prices but you can save even more if you wait for a discount email from David’s Bridal. Be forewarned, however, that David’s Bridal sends out constant emails, and you will be spammed by them. You can just set up a filter and look for the Scratch Weddings discount a month later. If you need to book at DJ now and can’t wait for the David’s Bridal promotional discount, then you should at least get $50 off your booking. You can have a friend who has used Scratch Weddings refer you or leave a comment/send me an email, and I can refer you.




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