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Posted by on Apr 10, 2013 in David's Bridal, DJ | 0 comments

$50 Scratch Weddings Discount but You can Do Better!

Yesterday, I provided the cost information and a detailed analysis of Scratch Weddings, a highly rated wedding DJ company. Their prices are already a great deal in my opinion, but you can save even more and get a Scratch Weddings discount when you are referred. Their refer-a-friend program lets me refer anyone and if you sign up, you get $50 off your booking and I also get $50.     However, you SHOULD NOT book through this method, because you can save $150 instead if you wait for a referral from David’s Bridal. The promotion says for David’s Bridal clients but all you really need to do is sign up for a David’s Bridal account on their homepage. You won’t get the Scratch Weddings discount email from David’s Bridal right away and in my experience, it takes a month or so to get the promotional email. As a result, you may want to sign up a couple of months before you plan to book your DJ. When you do...

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