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Posted by on Mar 27, 2013 in Cash Back, Ebates, Gift Cards, Macy's, Wedding Registry | 0 comments

Don’t Buy Wedding Registry Gifts from a Couple’s Link!

A lot of the information on this blog is aimed to help couples who are planning for their wedding but hopefully, this post will help those who are frequent wedding guests. While planning for a wedding can be expensive and hectic, sometimes we forget that going to weddings is not exactly cheap either. You have travel costs, clothing costs, and of course wedding registry gifts costs. The latter can really add up if you are going to a lot of weddings in a row. Some of my friends are doing just that this coming summer. For them, I have one piece of advice – don’t buy wedding registry gifts from a couple’s link!

Couples often create a wedding website chock full of information, such as how they met, bridal party blurbs, and a wedding registry page. Sometimes, the couple will have one registry. Other times, they may have two or three registries. In all cases, the couple’s links will take you directly to their registry page at popular retailers, such as Macy’s and Bed Bath & Beyond. Clicking this link to buy them a gift is almost always a bad idea for you, because you can save so much money by utilizing some of the strategies I’ve discussed so far, such as using a cash back portal and buying discounted gift cards. As usual, let’s run through an example to see how much you can save.



Let’s say you know a couple getting married who has a wedding registry at Macy’s.

Step 1: DO NOT click the couple’s registry link. Instead, go to a cash back search engine, such as or to see which cash back portal is currently offering the best rebate for Macy’s.

Cashbackmonitor - Macy's

Cashbackmonitor – Macy’s


Step 2:¬†Ebates is the highest offering 6% cash back so go directly to Ebates¬†yourself and search for Macy’s to click through to their website.

Ebates - Macy's

Ebates – Macy’s


Step 3: Click “wedding registry” near the top right where the arrow is pointed at below.




Step 4: You will be taken to the registry search page where you can search for your friend’s wedding registry. As a result, you will ultimately be at the same page that the direct link would have originally taken you to, except now you are getting a rebate by going through a cash back portal!

Macys wedding registry

Macy’s wedding registry


Step 5: But wait, the savings aren’t over! Don’t forget to buy a discounted Macy’s gift card at Cardpool or Plastic Jungle. As you can see, Plastic Jungle is selling Macy’s gift cards for 11% off. These gift cards are electronic gift cards so you will receive them via email and be able to use them right away online. And don’t forget to go through a cash back portal to get to Plastic Jungle as I discussed in Introduction to Discounted Gift Cards, which will help you even more cash rebate.

Cardpool - Macy's

Cardpool – Macy’s

Plastic Jungle - Macy's

Plastic Jungle – Macy’s


The Main Point

If you are going to buy a wedding gift off your friends’ wedding registry, you might as well save money doing so. Your friends will get the same exact gift you were planning to get, and they will still receive all the benefits of maintaining a wedding registry. But for almost no extra work, you’ll be paying much less.

In the example above, if you were going to originally spend $150 at Macy’s for a wedding registry gift, you’ll only be spending $124.50 instead by using a cash back portal and discounted gift cards. I haven’t even mentioned using a coupon code, which you can easily Google for. Macy’s often has 15% off, 20% off, and even 30% off coupon codes just floating around the Internet. As of right now, I see a few coupons for 20% off or $10 off an order of $75+ listed online. If you use all these strategies, that $150 gift may soon only cost you around $100, and you will be dancing at a lot more weddings this summer!


Disclaimer: I may receive referral credit for some of the links above, which I appreciate




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