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Posted by on Mar 21, 2013 in Manhattan, Photographer | 0 comments

Wedding Photographer Cost: Albert Cheung Photography

I don’t have any hard statistics but from the information I’ve gathered by asking married friends here and there, many say wedding photography is the one area decided to not skimp on, and it was a great decision. To them, it was more important than the venue, the florist, etc. Their reasoning is that after it’s all over, the photos are the main memory of your wedding day, and it makes sense. With that in mind, here is what the cost breakdown looks like for Albert Cheung Photography, a photographer that is quite popular amongst my friends:


Wedding Photographer: Albert Cheung Photography

Date Price Quoted: November 2013

Wedding Date Quoted For: 2013 (Saturday)

Package Name: The Essential

Assistant: No

Package Fee: $3,750

Travel Fee: $0 (within a 50 mile radius)

Tax: 0%

Gratuity: 0%

Total Wedding Photographer Cost: $3,750


The Main Point

The Essential is Albert Cheung Photography’s base package, offering up to 10 hours of wedding coverage. The package includes at the very minimum 700 retouched hi-res photos, which will be given to you either via FTP or on a disc. Last but not least, an online gallery storefront is provided for future print and book orders. I find that a lot of photographers have the tax included in their package prices. Also, gratuity is not really required like with hair and makeup artists, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t provide gratuity if you wish!

Before my fiancĂ©e and I started our wedding planning, I had no idea what a good photographer should cost. So when I started getting price quotes, I was pretty surprised by how high they were. As I did more and more research, however, I started understanding why the prices are actually reasonable and sometimes even too low! For many of them, wedding photography is their passion and full-time career. At the same time, most weddings only take place on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays so all their weekends are jam-packed and their main source of income comes from three days in the week. As a result, Albert Cheung Photography’s Essential Package is actually very reasonable.




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