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Posted by on Mar 20, 2013 in Hair and Makeup, Manhattan | 2 comments

Wedding Hair and Makeup Cost: Ai Sakai #2

In the previous post, I talked about the prices for having Ai Sakai service your hair and makeup for a wedding in the summer. And while wedding venues often offer discounts for off-peak season, you won’t see that happen as often for photographers, videographers, and hair and makeup artists. so I found it really interesting that Ai Sakai does offer an off-peak season rate. Here is what the cost breakdown looks like:


Wedding Hair and Makeup Artist: Ai Sakai

Date Price Quoted: February 2013

Wedding Date Quoted For: Off-peak season (January to March, November to December)

Price Assumptions: Includes airbrush application for bride and 4 bridesmaids

Assistant: No

Airbrush Application: Yes

Estimated Preparation Time: ~2 hours for bride, 1.5 hours per bridesmaid

Package Fee: $1,010

Trial Fee: $180

Engagement Shoot Fee: $200

Travel Fee: ~$75

Tax: 8.875%

Gratuity: 20%

Total Wedding Hair and Makeup Cost: $1,914


The Main Point

The final cost is $65 less than the normal rate since the package fee is $50 less, and you save a tiny bit on tax and gratuity. That may not seem like a lot but hey, if you are already having your wedding in January to March or November to December, might as well save an extra $65 and use this rate for comparing costs. The trial fee and engagement sessions price remain the same even in the off-peak season. If you don’t mind using two different hair and makeup artist, one idea might be to choose an artist, such as Reiko Utsugi, for your engagement pictures, and choose Ai Sakai for only your wedding. That way, you combine Reiko Utsugi’s competitive engagement shoot fee with Ai Sakai’s discounted off-peak season wedding rate.





  1. Great post! Reiko did a fantastic job on me for one of my wedding events. Since I had my wedding in upstate, NY, I flew in a HK make up artist named Goosen Tsoi to do my makeup and hair. He did a fantastic job and stayed with me the entire time for touch up. He also changed my hairstyle twice to match my different outfits throughout the night.

    • Thanks for reading. Reiko was extremely professional when we spoke with her, and I would recommend her as well!

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