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Posted by on Mar 19, 2013 in Hair and Makeup, Manhattan | 2 comments

Wedding Hair and Makeup Cost: Ai Sakai

Ai Sakai may be a hair specialist, but she does some great makeup work as well. Located down on Clinton St., you could put your name down for a table at the Clinton Street Bakery, run over to Ai Sakai to get your hair and makeup done for the engagement shoot, then still make it back in time for some world-famous pancakes :). Ok, maybe not, but the idea is nice. Anyways, here is what the cost breakdown looks like for Ai Sakai:


Wedding Hair and Makeup Artist: Ai Sakai

Date Price Quoted: February 2013

Wedding Date Quoted For: July 2013 (Saturday)

Price Assumptions: Includes airbrush application for bride and 4 bridesmaids

Assistant: No

Airbrush Application: Yes

Estimated Preparation Time: ~2 hours for bride, 1.5 hours per bridesmaid

Package Fee: $1,060

Trial Fee: $180

Engagement Shoot Fee: $200

Travel Fee: ~$75

Tax: 8.875%

Gratuity: 20%

Total Wedding Hair and Makeup Cost: $1,979


The Main Point

Like Reiko¬†Utsugi, Ai Sakai was easy to work with over email and also lists her prices out pretty clearly on her website. She operates by herself so her packages are tailored to a small bridal party, such as a bride and two bridesmaid. You can add additional bridesmaids for a fee, however, if you are willing to have a longer hair and makeup session. She quotes ~2 hours for the bride and an additional 1.5 hours for each bridesmaid so the time needed will really add up as your bridal party increases. Ai Sakai’s prices are very reasonable, but she charges a car service transportation fee (waived for Manhattan weddings that don’t require airbrush application), which I guess may be ~$75 roundtrip. In addition, she doesn’t offer a discount for the engagement shoot makeup session, and tax is not factored into the prices yet.





  1. Is the gratuity required by Ai or just what you decided to give? I’m having a trial with her tomorrow. Thanks.

    • Hi Shirley, the gratuity is not required by Ai, but it might be frowned upon if you don’t give any gratuity. In our email communication, we specifically asked if gratuity was included, and they said it was not included rather than gratuity is not necessary.

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