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Posted by on Mar 18, 2013 in Cash Back, Ebates, Mr. Rebates, Top Cash Back | 0 comments

Introduction to Cash Back on Everything

Since I discovered cash back portals a few years back, my shopping experience has changed completely. I almost never buy anything in a physical store anymore unless I need it ASAP. Instead, I do all my shopping online by going through a cash back portal and getting a rebate.


Q. What is a cash back portal?

A. A cash back portal is a website that pays you a certain percentage of your total order if you click through the portal to get to the online retailer. These online retailers are all the stores you know and love, such as Macy’s, Sears, and hundreds more.

Q. Is there a fee for using a cash back portal?

A. No, it is absolutely free! That’s why it makes sense to get paid a rebate for shopping that you would do anyways.

Q. Why would the cash back portals do this?

A. Cash back portals are a business that partner with hundreds of retailers, and every time a cash back portal refers a customer who places an order, the retailer pays the cash back portal a commission. The portal will then share a portion or all of that commission with you. That’s why you must create an account with the cash back portal and click through their link to get to an online store rather than type in the web address of the store yourself.




Q. What are the best cash back portals?

A. While there are lots of cash back portals out there, I find that it’s best to stick with a select few. The reason is that with some cash back portals, you will need to earn a certain cash back amount, such as $20, before you can get paid via Paypal or physical check. Also, the quality of each cash back portal varies tremendously, with some of them going out of their way to help you when you don’t get credited for an order to some that take forever to respond to issues. At the same time, the percent rebate that each cash back portal offers changes constantly so you don’t want to just use one portal since you may not be getting the best deal. I recommend opening three accounts with Ebates, Top Cash Back, and Mr. Rebates and using the one that gives the highest cash back percentage for what you are buying at the moment. Each has their own advantages and disadvantages, which I will talk about in future posts.

Q. Cash back portals sound cool, but I don’t want to deal with so many accounts.

A. If you prefer to just use one cash back portal, I recommend using Ebates since it has the best overall combination of cash back rewards and customer service. In addition, Ebates will automatically pay you via Paypal so you don’t even need to worry about cashing out.



Using a cash back portal can be confusing the first time so let’s run through an example. Let’s say you are looking to buy bridesmaid dresses from J. Crew.

Step 1: Go to a cash back search engine, such as or, to see which cash back portal is currently offering the best rebate for the store you plan to shop at.




Step 2: After finding which cash back portal currently gives the best cash back for J Crew (in this case Ebates is the highest offering 6% cash back), go directly to Ebates yourself and DO NOT click through from Then log into your Ebates account and search for J Crew.

Ebates - J Crew

Ebates – J Crew


Step 3: Click the “Shop Now” button and you will be taken directly to J Crew where you can then continue shopping as normal. You’ll notice from the picture that Ebates shows you coupon codes you can use to shop at J Crew so you can combine coupon codes with a cash back portal for maximum savings!


The Main Point

Cash back portals are an easy way to get rebates on shopping that you would have done anyways, and it takes almost no extra work once you have set up the account. It does take 2 to 3 months on average to get the cash back, because the retailers won’t pay the portal who in turn won’t pay you if items are returned. Nevertheless, the cash back you receive will start to add up quickly if you do a lot of online shopping and you will be receiving a constant paycheck. In my future posts, I will show you why these cash back portals can have a significant impact on your wedding spending and save you hundreds of dollars.


Disclaimer: I may receive referral credit for some of the links above, which I appreciate




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