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Posted by on Mar 15, 2013 in Hair and Makeup, Queens | 0 comments

Wedding Hair and Makeup Cost: Reiko Utsugi

Many great wedding hair and makeup artists operate in New York City, but finding one that specializes in Asian features is not always an easy task. And while a lot of the hair and makeup artists I discuss do specialize in Asian features, they do a fantastic job on non-Asians as well! Reiko Utsugi is one such example, and here is what the cost breakdown looks like for her:


Wedding Hair and Makeup Artist: Reiko Utsugi

Date Price Quoted: February 2013

Wedding Date Quoted For: July 2013 (Saturday)

Price Assumptions: Includes airbrush application for bride and 4 bridesmaids

Assistant: Yes (2 artists total, one of them being Reiko Utsugi)

Airbrush Application: Yes

Estimated Preparation Time: ~4 hours for everyone

Package Fee: $1,100

Trial Fee: $120

Engagement Shoot Fee: $120

Travel Fee: $0

Tax: 0%

Gratuity: 20%

Total Wedding Hair and Makeup Cost: $1,608


The Main Point

Reiko Utsugi receives great reviews on all the major wedding websites and was personally recommended by another super popular artist who was all booked up for the dates we inquired about. Reiko is very transparent and lists her prices directly on the website. She offers multiple packages, and they can all be tailored to fit your specific needs. Her package B, for example, is designed for 6 people (bride and 5 bridesmaids,) without airbrush application. Since we asked for a quote for only 5 people, however, she offered us airbrush application for 5 people at the package B price. In addition, you can tailor your needs even further by only asking for face airbrush but not chest and back airbrush etc.

For the sake of cost comparison, I used the assumption of a bride and 4 bridesmaids with everyone getting the full airbrush application. I also added in the cost of a makeup trial and an engagement shoot makeup session, but you don’t have to use the same hair and makeup artist for both your engagement shoot and your wedding day. One good point about Reiko Utsugi’s prices is that they already include tax, whereas some other artists quote prices pre-tax. Knowing this information will be helpful for doing price comparison later on.




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