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Posted by on Mar 12, 2013 in Brooklyn, Venue | 0 comments

Wedding Venue Cost: The Palm House at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden #2

Compared to the prices quoted on my previous post about wedding venue cost for The Palm House at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, prices for Saturday afternoons are significantly cheaper. Here is what the cost breakdown looks like:


Palm House pond

The Palm House pond, photo by TheGirlsNY


Wedding Venue: The Palm House at The Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Date Price Quoted: November 2012

Wedding Date Quoted For: Peak season Saturday afternoons

Price Assumptions: Includes ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception for 150 guests

Room Name: N/A

Capacity: ~250

Venue Fee: $3,210

Catering Per Person (Low Range): $150

Catering Per Person (High Range): $160

Tax: 8.875%

Gratuity: 20%

Total Wedding Venue Cost: $33,871


The Main Point

While the venue fee is not much less, the catering cost drops quite a bit, and the savings can really add up as your wedding size increases. After all, the Palm House has capacity for around 200 people. One negative aspect of having a daytime wedding at the Palm House, however, is that the Brooklyn Botanic Garden will be open to the public since it is normal operating hours. And while nobody from the public will be able to crash your wedding, they will be able to walk by if they want and see what’s going on inside since The Palm House is constructed entirely of see-through windows. A related downside to that is your cocktail hour cannot be held outdoors by the pond (as seen in the picture above), which looks like a pretty cool option for evening weddings. As with many decisions, only you can decide if the savings are worth the tradeoffs.




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